The Spoonbill Generator

Icy Privy

The green in a bluebottle's eye [Roland]

Metallic, hollow, like shattered glass refracting. [MRQ]

Interpenetrating spindles, listlessly [Apsley]

Turning the world's [P]

Revolving stage, acting [Grayman]

out the fractal interplay [kate]

Of a sugar crystal [Anon.]

Magic interlaced by sugar craft [Apsley]

Sweet, manifold, desoxyribose [HOG]

Glistening orbular rhythms, shapelessly [Apsley]

Scorning all our [Grayman]

Convoluted actions [Hamish]

From cradle to grave [Grayman]

Times without number [Beefy]

The necromancer's strange regard [Apsley]

For stainless steels cold, work harded [MRQ]

(To no avail his base metal's annealing!) [E Greejius]

Uncured, unclean, a mind distorted, [MRQ]

Spells and confusion [TG]

Rotting to pieces [MRQ]

Mortality's corruption [Grayman]

Sparks fly upward, tracing pentacles [Beefy]

A mist of lighted arms [MRQ]

twisting frantically, fragmentedly [Anon.]

Describing shapes as yet uncontemplated [Beefy]

Mathmatical to madness [MRQ]

Raging obtusely [Grayman]

As the crystal shatters [spedders]

Contributors: Roland, MRQ, Apsley, P, Grayman, kate, Anon., HOG, Hamish, Beefy, E Greejius, TG, spedders.
Poem finished: 4th August 2000.