The Spoonbill Generator

Stuffed Pets

Fill up my brazen pockets with the water of the Loire [Apsley]

Aptly calling night falling the coming of the Soir [HOG]

An anthem to the spirits that inhabit lighter airs [Apsley]

A soul betwixt the hither and the heaven's sung-of stairs [MRQ]

Cast me in a cauldon with a feather and a rat [Apsley]

Gazing, eyes upward towards your witches hat [MRQ]

Where rhubarb and Cassandra lie mingled as if one [Apsley]

And never does a proctor seek to spoil our hapless fun [TG]

Guzzle up my crumpets with abandon and a fish [Apsley]

And scribe away the compliments you would shower on our dish [spedders]

In this way, invoke the muse who triumphs o'er all [Apsley]

And scratch away the hunger that claws at stomach wall [MRQ]

Stand me on a hedgehog with a rabbit in my ear [Grayman]

For, in this way, the sonic boom I shall so surely hear [Apsley]

A rodent convocation with a monotreme in tow [Grayman]

Shall guide me to the valley where the dromedaries go [Beefy]

Purge me with a pike-shaft, set my nose ablaze [Apsley]

Watch me as the morning sees my eyes with pain agaze [MRQ]

Keep the aspidistra flying, brash in this false dawn [E Greejius]

For truth is revolution, see the lies of routine gone [MRQ]

Call me a philanthropist, but leave my cat alone [TG]

Defender of the pussy is a title mine alone [MRQ]

Measure room's dimensions with a furtive feline swing [Grayman]

And ponder whether that, should be a your final fling [Spedders]

Send me sundry letters filled with luminescent goo [Beefy]

But end this rhyme oh end it, oh please oh please oh do! [MRQ]

For time can move quite slowly on a poetry computer [Anon.]

And ice-cream brains can stew! [MRQ]

Contributors: Apsley, HOG, MRQ, TG, spedders, Grayman, Beefy, E Greejius, Spedders, Anon..
Poem finished: 3rd August 2000.