The Spoonbill Generator

Guildford, Epping, Tooting

When you proposed this concert [Roland]

This whirligig affair [TG]

I thought we'd sell some tickets [Grayman]

A host of clients fair [MRQ]

I hadn't really bothered [Grayman]

To think the problem through [fester]

Or look at the agenda [Grayman]

To see what we could do [fester]

While straining at the fly-ropes [MRQ]

I pulled out all the pegs [fester]

Not thinking for an instant [MRQ]

that we would do our legs [MRQ]

It's not my fault the ice broke [TG]

Nor folly mine, failed tabs [MRQ]

It happened in a second [TG]

And left us dead on slabs [Apsley]

So now we tread boards ghostly [MRQ]

Where mice and cats do abound [Apsley]

Felines being arch typically [HOG]

Ten paces off the ground [Apsley]

So if you find one opened, [Stacy]

By which I mean who knows?, [Apsley]

Play not, the tale of Scots Kings Crossed [MRQ]

In neatly-rhyming prose [Roland]

For they will surely find you [Apsley]

Those legends three of woe [MRQ]

Red-blooded and drenched with dew [Apsley]

And munching on a crow [TG]

And so, sweet reader, adieu; [Apsley]

For those now leave who can - [fester]

the rest of you who tarry [Spedders]

Will be baked in a flan [fester]

Contributors: Roland, TG, Grayman, MRQ, fester, Apsley, HOG, Stacy, Spedders.
Poem finished: 24th July 2000.