The Spoonbill Generator

Mr Stilton Stalks The Underground

As I was going up the stair, I met a froglet tall and square. [MRQ]

(Sing 'Hey, away with the fairies - oh!') [loaf]

I also met a little bear, who said he had some cash to spare [fester]

(Sing 'Away with dental caries -oh!') [Grayman]

They told me they were Mayfly's kin, and bade me sip a little gin [TG]

(Sing 'Hey ho, I'm an Eskimo!') [Grayman]

With a wrinkly sprinkly too-dum bare. [MRQ]

As I was walking down the lane, I met that funny bear again [Grayman]

(Sing 'Hey, get whey from the dairies - oh!') [fester]

And this time I did not refrain [Grayman]

(Sing 'Away with mental Marys - oh') [fester]

From sipping gin from an open vein [MRQ]

(Sing 'Hey Hugh, I'm a Pesky Gnu!') [fester]

With a siezedly pleasedly brain cell one. [MRQ]

As I was sped lights flashing blue, I knew I'd lost it truly too. [MRQ]

(Sing Ho! for the life of a tinker - oh!) [TG]

And this time I would not be back [MRQ]

(Sing Oh! but this rhyme is a stinker - oh!) [TG]

To finish off my pound of smack [MRQ]

(Sing What a waste of the wasted Ode Odie Oh [IdleWilde]

With a smuggity buggity do life down [MRQ]

Contributors: MRQ, loaf, fester, Grayman, TG, IdleWilde.
Poem finished: 22nd July 2000.