The Spoonbill Generator

Her Promiscuity Made Good

Shall I compare thee to a coach and four? [Apsley]

Your mouth is big, but bigger still its door [fester]

And wider than the ocean are your eyen [Apsley]

I'd say they nade me sigh, but I'd be lyin' [TG]

Shall I compare thee to a large green loaf? [MRQ]

It is more green, but you're the bigger oaf [fester]

And deeper than the ocean your betrayal [TG]

And slower to repent than British Rail [Grayman]

Shall I compare thee to a herring pie? [fester]

Stargazy, rank, and fishy eyed, [MRQ]

Like some dead boatyard on the River clyde [fester]

Or Dumbarton rock; dead ,solid, and slimed. [Anon.]

Shall I compare thee to a wooden stair? [MRQ]

Ascending steeply, heading God Knows where [TG]

To blackness, grim and times a bleeding [MRQ]

Not quite unlike where civilisation is leading [HOG]

Shall I compare thee to a mildewed urn? [TG]

Such is the refuge that I always yearn: [Apsley]

All tanin stained and musty warmed [MRQ]

your nose is really very badly formed [ellie]

Contributors: Apsley, fester, TG, MRQ, Grayman, Anon., HOG, ellie.
Poem finished: 18th July 2000.