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Totally Dissimilar Sausages (With Mustard)

As I was walking all alone [fester]

I saw a sausage on a stone [Apsley]

And to this sausage I did say [fester]

"Where shall we go and dine today?" [Nessie]

"Shall we both go behind that dyke? - [fester]

It's just the kind of thing you like [TG]

In your sausage kind of way!" [Apsley]

You do suggest that wall is gay [MRQ]

We went into a café dim [Apsley]

Me and this merry sausage, Jim [MRQ]

The minstrel sang a roundelay [TG]

So we may make our dinner gay [fester]

We thought to dine on turpentine [Apsley]

Or maybe on bonny blue eyes [fester]

Akin to those of Constantine [Apsley]

Who lined his nest with pies [fester]

"Oh, sausage dear!" I soon exclaimed, [Apsley]

"There's none shall know where you have gone" [fester]

But lest you think I am defamed [Apsley]

The wind shall blow when I am done [fester]

The sausage flavour was unlike [Apsley]

The ordinary sort of wurst [Nessie]

It made me hope upon my bike [Apsley]

That I would never die of thirst [fester]

And yet, of pangs, there were a few [Apsley]

(They could be stomach-ache, mind you) [Anon.]

And of regret, some moments came [Apsley]

It's lucky no-one knows my name! [TG]

Contributors: fester, Apsley, Nessie, TG, MRQ, Anon..
Poem finished: 10th July 2000.