The Spoonbill Generator

Eggs And Artillery

The gambler folds his hand and sets his gaze [TG]

Anew [Apsley]

His gaze alights on cleavage bound so tight that veins stand out quit blue [mattusrattus]

Cookie folds cake mix and sets her jellies [Hamish]

Cold [MRQ]

So that the necrophilic bonds outline her swelling breasts [Apsley]

What would he give to win, what take to lose? [Roland]

A lot [Hamish]

Of time and tribulation, weighed forth in custard-spoons [loaf]

Where would he go for gain, where for a loss? [Hamish]

Loch Ness [Apsley]

Where in the depths dwell Reggie B, his lobster wife and me [Nessie]

The Spommits on a sojourn by the coast [Apsley]

Of Spon [Grayman]

Mourn for Arabella, squashed by a magic elephant [fester]

Called Roger, a good friend of Roland Rat's, [Nessie]

And of [fester]

A small insignificant hamster named Stephen [Grayman]

Who probably will never be mentioned [fester]

Again [Apsley]

Indeed, by golly, by gosh! [MRQ]

Contributors: TG, Apsley, mattusrattus, Hamish, MRQ, Roland, loaf, Nessie, Grayman, fester.
Poem finished: 29th June 2000.