The Spoonbill Generator

Underneath The Forest Wall

Calypso, on her vaulting-horse [Roland]

Recites the Nicene Creed in Norse [P]

But who has time to hear? [Roland]

Calypso, pious quite beyond the call [afternoon]

Tells parables in overalls [Hamish]

An onerous career [Grayman]

Collapso, the illegal clown [Roland]

A jester of immense renown [P]

In jails across the land [Roland]

Presents in mystifying mimes [P]

The half-regrets of former times [Roland]

Concealed by sleight of hand [P]

From all the convicts, row on row [Roland]

Who watch, astonished, as the show [P]

Unfolds behind a screen [Roland]

Calypso, in a fiery light [P]

Proclaims the Psalms each Friday night [Hamish]

Out where the gallows lean [Roland]

Calypso on the radio [Hamish]

Broadcasting loud from Lazio [Apsley]

Enthralls the listening throng [TG]

Collapso, creeping up behind [Grayman]

With custard pies and lemon-rind [Anon.]

To serenade her song [Apsley]

With slapstick as her threnody [Hamish]

And now world-famous melody [Grayman]

Are enjoyed by us all [Hamish]

But admiration's not complete [Apsley]

Not all enjoy this pious treat [Grayman]

But shout out rude cat-calls [Hamish]

This is the way of fame's young dream [Apsley]

I wish to God I'd stayed in Weymns [Anon.]

And hidden in a trench [Grayman]

So, in conclusion, sturdy nymph [Apsley]

Chant Revelations to a lynx [Hamish]

But preferably in French [Grayman]


"Bonjour! Les chiens de la Guerre [Hamish]

Qui cherchent des choses en arrière [Apsley]

Vont arriver tout suite" [TG]

And - finally - Calypso's song, [Hamish]

With words like these she can't go wrong, [Apsley]

"Enough of this - let's eat!" [TG]

Contributors: Roland, P, afternoon, Hamish, Grayman, Apsley, TG, Anon..
Poem finished: 25th June 2000.