The Spoonbill Generator

Bragging About Semi-colons

If only [Hamish]

The lonely [Apsley]

were only with me [Anon.]

I'd smite 'em [Apsley]

I'd bite them [Mattus Rattus]

I'd bare my breast and fight them [Apsley]

With trowels [Hamish]

And mutant owls [loaf]

If ever [Hamish]

The clever [Anon.]

Were only to lapse [Roland]

I'd greet 'em [fester]

Then beat them [Grayman]

Remove their heads and eat them [fester]

With trowels [(trad)]

And fried bowels [fester]

If oddly [Apsley]

The godly [Hamish]

Would stand on their heads [Grayman]

I'd shave 'em [fester]

Enslave them [Apsley]

Cut off their legs and wave them [fester]

With trowels [ellie]

And pigging owls... [fester]

Contributors: Hamish, Apsley, Anon., Mattus Rattus, loaf, Roland, fester, Grayman, (trad), ellie.
Poem finished: 14th June 2000.