The Spoonbill Generator

Sparklingly Devoid Of Interest

"What is a thruttock?" questioned Sam [Hamish]

When everyone had gone [Roland]

"Is it an animal? Or jam? [Hamish]

Or part of Babylon?" [Roland]

We didn't know, and so we said [Hamish]

It was a kind of fish [Grayman]

That lived on land, and often fed [fester]

The likes of Lillian Gish [Roland]

On silver plates in silent films [fester]

in empty cinemas [ellie]

Where usherettes with lovely limbs [fester]

Compare their duelling scars [Roland]

The happy little sound of beans [Hamaish]

Is not as 'thruttock' known [loaf]

You often hear it from your jeans [Hamish]

When you are left alone [Roland]

It's like a baby motor-bike [Hamish]

If I may thus digress [Grayman]

Though when it's closer to the mike [Roland]

It's simply flatulence [fester]

Thus, in confusion, all must end [Apsley]

With friendly little sounds [fester]

A Thruttock is a man's best friend [loaf]

And smelliness abounds [fester]

Contributors: Hamish, Roland, Grayman, fester, ellie, Hamaish, loaf, Apsley.
Poem finished: 14th June 2000.