The Spoonbill Generator

We Falter, Our Falling Too Facile

Whose is the hand that eats my head? [P]

And whose the sullen claw [Roland]

Which turns the virgin pillow red [TG]

With insubstantial gore? [Roland]

Whose cries disturb the midnight calm? [TG]

And whose the glassy dawn [Roland]

Which breaks the unsuspecting arm [TG]

With unexampled brawn? [Roland]

Why must I eat ere I retire [TG]

And bathe before I drop? [Roland]

Such habits loathsome dreams inspire [TG]

And waking cannot stop [Roland]

The visions that assail my brain [TG]

And daze each reeling sense [Roland]

Till all my thoughts swirl down the drain [TG]

In tumult quite immense [Roland]

When shall wee threesomes meet again? [TG]

In avalanche or storm? [Roland]

It seems we never could explain [TG]

How each of us kept warm [Roland]

Who dares to cross the blasted heath? [TG]

Who dares to haunt the Hague? [Roland]

My mind's a swirling mass beneath [TG]

While, up above, 'tis vague [Roland]

Contributors: P, Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 13th June 2000.