The Spoonbill Generator

Lemmings Explode When Roped To Dynamite

"Please help me grease my hamster" said the Queen [fester]

'I'm really quite unwilling' answered Snail [Apsley]

Dread thoughts of madness fill the skull [Mattus Rattus]

As my sanity goes slopping 'round the pail [Mattus Rattus]

hence, she could think of null [Eliza Kirkland]

The thruttock was imploding on the green [Apsley]

Mitering gently willow screens [Mattus Rattus]

Into the lucent vapours of the night [Apsley]

But then Cook grabbed the thruttock and some beans [Hamish]

and made a thruttock pie [Anon.]

"That thruttock was quite tasty" said the Dean [fester]

"Or at least, the best I've had today" [Grayman]

Cook looks for things made out of meat [fester]

Such as animals (not vegetables or hay) [jim]

for all her tasty treats [fester]

Contributors: fester, Apsley, Mattus Rattus, Eliza Kirkland, Hamish, Anon., Grayman, jim.
Poem finished: 12th June 2000.