The Spoonbill Generator

Nanette Newman's Naughty Knickers Say "Oh! Oh! Oh!

There was a young man from Kilbride [Grayman]

Who liked to have sex on a slide [Hamish]

When they said 'You're a laugh!' [Apsley]

He replied 'Don't be daft - [fester]

I just slide along for the ride [ellie]

'I get to the bottom, and then [fester]

I look around for a sheep pen [ellie]

For my taste is perverse [Apsley]

A Sodomite's curse [Ripski]

Has me lusting for sheep and for hens [Hamish]

'who wear sparkling sequins [ellie]

- And after a couple of gins [Hamish]

Roll into the street [Apsley]

Where they look so sweet [Hamish]

they might just pop out of their skins' [ellie]

Contributors: Grayman, Hamish, Apsley, fester, ellie, Ripski.
Poem finished: 9th June 2000.