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Courtly Like The Dancing Cobra

My brides lined up in order [Roland]

Of perfume, height and weight [dkb]

And, brandishing my microscope [Roland]

That came from far Kuwait, [Apsley]

I watched my favourite aunt elope [dkb]

Across the Irish border [Roland]

Some brides smelled worse than others [Hamish]

Of frankincense and myrrh [Roland]

So, brandishing my after-shave [Hamish]

I doused my camel's fur [Roland]

(She was prettier than all my slaves [Hamish]

And several of their mothers) [Roland]

My camel's name was Mildred [Hamish]

She came from far Taiwan, [Apsley]

Where brandishing crispy-fried duck [fester]

won't make you a man [ellie]

- They say that the real Taiwanese buck [fester]

Are those that Ben and Bill dread [Roland]

Should I choose brides or camel? [fester]

I judged them by their teeth [Roland]

And then got down on hands and knees [fester]

And scanned them from beneath [Roland]

And they all - bar Mildred - failed to please [fester]

My fetish for enamel [Roland]

Now that twenty years have passed [fester]

And Mildred's got dementia [ellie]

The poet curses in the street [Apsley]

Attracting worldwide censure [Roland]

He now feels his life is incomplete [Hamish]

Until the day he breathes his last [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, dkb, Apsley, Hamish, fester, ellie.
Poem finished: 8th June 2000.