The Spoonbill Generator

Jesus With Underdone Omelette

In this unspeakable foreboding year, our doom [E Greejius]

Is but gloom [Apsley]

But who are we, in the face of destiny, to quail? [TG]

Or hide in our room? [Grayman]

Nicole Pallotta thats who! [Anon.]

If fate brings us to a sordid end, can we complain? [Hamish]

It's just pain [Apsley]

When Atropus cuts the thread of life, can we then rail? [Hamish]

Or just boot the pail? [Grayman]

"Nicole!" he gasps; "Papa!" she wails... [Hamish]

No. "In the long run ..." -- who can gainsay Keynes? [E Greejius]

With his beans... [Apsley]

Contributors: E Greejius, Apsley, TG, Grayman, Anon., Hamish.
Poem finished: 1st June 2000.