The Spoonbill Generator

Duck Soup Stories

When Duck and Gerbil went adventuring [fester]

Through the Arctic's airless waste [Roland]

Gerbil was intent on luring [ellie]

Fish from the paste [Roland]

Duck scolded Gerbil quite mercilessly [fester]

With an anger quite obscure [Apsley]

And then she exclaimed senselessly [fester]

That only lust is pure! [Apsley]

Gerbil wept and Gerbil screamed [ellie]

Duck looked quite astonished [P]

Gerbil refused to eat his greens [fester]

Again he was admonished [ellie]

Duck laid an egg... Proud Gerbil was a dad! [fester]

Such fecund procreation was untimely [Apsley]

The rest of the tale is ineffably sad [TG]

And also a little bit slimy [fester]

Contributors: fester, Roland, ellie, Apsley, P, TG.
Poem finished: 30th May 2000.