The Spoonbill Generator

Off Ovary Street

What baby spurns the cattle-grid [Roland]

That guards the outhouse, barely hid [P]

By subtle stems of saxifrage [Roland]

And other forms of camouflage [P]

When Super-Nanny's left in charge? [TG]

The little ankles, woollen boots [Roland]

A-nestling 'neath the romper suits [TG]

What immortal nether limb [P]

Could reconcile us quite to Jim [TG]

Or anyone who's friends with him [P]

I saw him on his climbing frame [TG]

And though I can't reveal his name [P]

His mother's widely known round here [TG]

For things you may not want to hear [P]

Especially while hunting deer [TG]

And when, in time, he's grown full tall [P]

We'll staple him to yonder wall [TG]

Until he tells us what he knows [P]

About the Gardens of the Hose [TG]

And why he's only got nine toes [P]

What adolescent reverie [TG]

(Childish dreams, to you and me) [P]

Might cause him so to earn our ire [TG]

Or set his youthful heart afire [P]

With longing for the chapel choir [TG]

Contributors: Roland, P, TG.
Poem finished: 29th May 2000.