The Spoonbill Generator

Under the Adriatic

In the darkness of the night [(trad)]

Rising from the deepest sea [fester]

Incubating vicious spite [dkb]

Comes the spotted Reggie B. [Apsley]

Vile, his sniv'ling, vapid snout [Roland]

Thrusts into the cool night air [fester]

And the frightened sailors shout: [dkb]

"What's that ugly thing out there?" [fester]

Mere Leviathan would pale [Roland]

and sperm whales would flee yonder [ellie]

Fleeing Kraken would turn tail [Roland]

Poor Reggie's left to ponder [ellie]

"Am I such a loathsome sight? ... [Roland]

Or is my breath the problem?" [fester]

"Don't I sound my aitches right [Roland]

Or are they scared I'll gobbl'em?" [fester]

Rank confusion turns his mind [Apsley]

As he contemplates submerging [dkb]

But stays floating on the brine [fester]

At one tiny lobster's urging: [dkb]

'Oh, dear Reggie, do not drown!' [Apsley]

He squeaked, this small crustacean [Loaf]

Which made the other creatures frown [ellie]

And squirm in agitation [P]

Reggie knew he'd found a friend [fester]

to calm his desperation [ellie]

A soul-mate, who'd help amend [fester]

his angst ridden frustration [ellie]

But was this love... or pity? [fester]

Or a strange kind of duplicity? [Anon.]

Would the questions never cease? [Apsley]

And who the hell's Felicity? [TG]

Contributors: (trad), fester, dkb, Apsley, Roland, ellie, Loaf, P, Anon., TG.
Poem finished: 29th May 2000.