The Spoonbill Generator

She Wasn't Waving But His Trousers Were

She was poor but she was honest [Hamish]

Victim of a polecat's game [Loaf]

For she trusted her pet ferret [Hamish]

That was 'ferret' but in name [Roland]

She was pure but he was wicked [Hamish]

And he took all that she had [Madge]

As you know, that isn't cricket [fester]

Now it's over, she's quite mad [dkb]

She was cross but he'd gone missing [fester]

In the brambles and the furze [Apsley]

Her instructions were explicit [dkb]

"Go and get me back my purse!" [fester]

She was hurt but she was stoic [dkb]

No more ferrets would she kiss [fester]

She had packed, now she was going [dkb]

Far away from all of this [fester]

Contributors: Hamish, Loaf, Roland, Madge, fester, dkb, Apsley.
Poem finished: 24th May 2000.