The Spoonbill Generator

Anti-Dandruff Cornflakes

A kangaroo I used to know [fester]

Would jump all day despite the heat [Apsley]

(It's easy when you've got big feet) [dkb]

He'd first jump fast, and then jump slow [Hamish]

Through tempest, mist and sleet [Roland]

A koala whom once I met [Hamish]

Would suckle on a mildewed sponge [Loaf]

(And many other sorts of gunge) [Hamish]

He's first stay dry, and then stay wet [Roland]

Through breakfast, tea and lunch [Hamish]

A kinkajou whose throat I slit [Roland]

Fell to the ground and lay quite still [Hamish]

(His uncles made me foot the bill) [Loaf]

He first bled lots, then bled a bit [dkb]

Through poorly, sick and very ill [fester]

A kiwi-fruit whose skin I shaved [Madge]

Would sit in Sainsbury's all day [fester]

(Beneath a very small duvet) [dkb]

He first was good, and then depraved [fester]

Through autumn, noon and May [Apsley]

Contributors: fester, Apsley, dkb, Hamish, Roland, Loaf, Madge.
Poem finished: 24th May 2000.