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The Puissance In American Adverbs

The cake of opportunity must be eaten whilst it's fresh [Hamish]

Or else it may be sliced up and distributed to the creche; [dkb]

For it quickly loses savour if you do not eat it warm [Hamish]

And no longer typifies its pure and true Platonic Form [dkb]

If thrust at once into the mouth its taste is surely best, [Apsley]

Just as the sun is brightest ere it sinks into the West [dkb]

But leave a bit for later and it goes a little stale [Grayman]

Like the pie of procrastination you cannot eat today [fester]

Sweet rinds of serendipity lie there scattered through the cake, [dkb]

And the seeds of anticipation are added when it's baked [Hamish]

In Romsey Town, hard by the fen, where Nero blew his top, [Apsley]

Where the cheese of disappointment is unappetising slop [Hamish]

The plat du jour of politics is seasoned with false truth [Madge]

It's flavoured with mendacity and just a touch uncouth [fester]

Its aftertaste is noisome, like a sickly, spoiled vermouth [dkb]

They only say it's "new" so they can market it to youth [fester]

To eat the rind is not a task that many will endure [Apsley]

It's like a kind of cross between stale toenails and manure [TG]

But, for French gourmets, it has irresistable allure [Hamish]

And minor Cabinet ministers swallow it, for sure [dkb]

The stew of indecision is (well, I really don't quite know - [fester]

As I'm not sure - should I leave it, try it, eat in or to go?) [dkb]

Should I cook it a bit longer? Should I share it with my friends? [fester]

Will the thing be even ready by the time the dinner ends? [dkb]

Contributors: Hamish, dkb, Apsley, Grayman, fester, Madge, TG.
Poem finished: 22nd May 2000.