The Spoonbill Generator

Plangent Daily Wailing

Cadences so swift and deft that man coulld hardly follow [Apsley]

Rhythms sprung and verses sung in honour of Apollo [Hamish]

Modulations executed in a soft legato [Grayman]

Virtuoso violinists playing pizzicato [fester]

Softly piping woodwinds, with a single chime to follow [dkb]

Pianists playing perfectly and in Phrygian mode [fester]

Dulcet declamations of an applaudatory ode [dkb]

Murmuring susurrations of impending acclamation [fester]

Diffidently, performers anticipate approbation [dkb]

Of the kind that often leads to frenzied exclamation [Apsley]

Quaver follows quaver in a Glittering glissando [TG]

Faster! And then faster still! And now accelerando! [Hamish]

Baton flashing swiftly deftly drives the drummers frantic [dkb]

And poets look for words that only prove that they're pedantic [fester]

As everything resolves, resounds, the last chord played sforzando. [dkb]

Contributors: Apsley, Hamish, Grayman, fester, dkb, TG.
Poem finished: 22nd May 2000.