The Spoonbill Generator

Polemic Polarity

Hamstrung by a woollen noose [Roland]

Egged on by a swollen goose [dkb]

Henrietta, my pet moose [Hamish]

Is dying [Roland]

To set evil hamsters loose [Hamish]

Is futile; tell me, what's the use [Roland]

Of permitting such abuse [Hamish]

And crying? [Roland]

Gloomy Hamlet drinks his juice [dkb]

Slowly shades from pink to puce [Roland]

Voicing many thoughts abstruse [dkb]

Expiring [Hamish]

When the hamper's lid falls shut [Roland]

On the mummy of King Tut [dkb]

Can we ever then rebut [Hamish]

Our scrying? [dkb]

Showing us the future's state [Hamish]

O clairvoyants! Why not wait? [dkb]

Why not think to hesitate? [Apsley]

Time's flying! [dkb]

Put away your funny hats [Grayman]

They don't suit you, little bats, [fester]

Neither do those shiny spats - [dkb]

So trying! [Hamish]

Contributors: Roland, dkb, Hamish, Apsley, Grayman, fester.
Poem finished: 18th May 2000.