The Spoonbill Generator

Awkwardnesses Committed Unknowingly By Archangels On Speed

My mind's eye, all in sepia [Roland]

Sees strange things, so much creepier [Hamish]

Since all the colours faded [Roland]

My day-dreams, all in monochrome [Hamish]

Lie strewn about the aerodrome [Roland]

Where once the Spitfires raided [Hamish]

My fantasy, in puce and pink [Roland]

Akin to those of Compulink, [Apsley]

Can scarcely walk unaided [Roland]

My nightmares, stark in black and white [dkb]

Begin to burst the banks of night [Roland]

Where they been upbraided [Apsley]

My make-believe world is all blue [fester]

But what;'s the use of that to you? [Roland]

I'm feeling rather jaded. [dkb]

My inner eye sees in dark hues [fester]

Such as the waking mind eschews [Roland]

Unless it's been invaded [dkb]

My brain envisions darkest green [fester]

You won't believe the things I've seen [dkb]

Chromatically degraded [loaf]

Contributors: Roland, Hamish, Apsley, dkb, fester, loaf.
Poem finished: 17th May 2000.