The Spoonbill Generator

Unless They Get Mistresses

Sweet nymph, though thou art ever im my dreams [dkb]

Methinks thou'dst break the heart of mortal man [Hamish]

Were he not fixed with tasks, and those in reams, [Apsley]

So that he dwelleth not upon your charms [Hamish]

Ah! The soft joy of exclamation marks! [dkb]

The joy that I can find but in your arms [TG]

On balmy evenings in the Royal Parks, [dkb]

Where, dear Dryad, thy soft breast bringeth calm [fester]

And limpidly, thy leaf-green eyes do scan [dkb]

My very soul, which maketh me a man; [fester]

And, in the perfume of thy bark-brown hair, [dkb]

Am lost - I am no more a man in there... [fester]

My sweet delusion's seldom what it seems, [dkb]

For we are lovers only in my dreams [Hamish]

Contributors: dkb, Hamish, Apsley, TG, fester.
Poem finished: 16th May 2000.