The Spoonbill Generator

Drinking Electricity (Sonnet)

One sonnet is too short to tell the charms [dkb]

Of the creature with a head and but two arms [Apsley]

Yet shall a single syllable suffice [Roland]

To freeze your blood and turn your spleen to ice [TG]

If you take Peter Mandelson's advice [dkb]

You'll never make overtures to mice... [Apsley]

O! Murine overtures beneath the palms [dkb]

So noisy that they set off car alarms [fester]

I've suffered from them more than once or twice [dkb]

You really can't combine music and mice [fester]

- They're just about as tuneful as Posh Spice - [dkb]

That murine beat is just not very nice! [fester]

But since I never claim I wrote the psalms [dkb]

I cannot tell you of the creature's charms [Anon.]

Contributors: dkb, Apsley, Roland, TG, fester, Anon..
Poem finished: 15th May 2000.