The Spoonbill Generator

In Africa, Hoplessly Lost

We don't regret the cakes that glisten in the sand [Apsley]

What's time for Isabella's tide for Ferdinand [Yoxi]

For raging is a passion that is not reserved for bulls [Apsley]

And the undertow of fury fashions pushes as it pulls [Yoxi]

We won't dissect the snakes that listen in the Strand [Hamish]

"What time is it young fellow?" "Time for herding clams!" [Madge]

For aging with compassion's what is not reserved for books [Hamish]

And undertakers' lurid passions cushion avid crooks [Madge]

We loan insects the brakes and pistons from the van [Hamish]

"What wine is that, good fellow?" "Wine from Birmingham!" [Madge]

Four agents with companions who are not well served for looks [Hamish]

And under-waiters puree passion fruit for gravid cooks [Madge]

We hold inspections of fake pistols from Japan [Hamish]

And of illicit furniture posing as rattan [Apsley]

For asians without spaniels do not conserve their books [Hamish]

And men with pocket hand grenandes pick turkeys up with hooks [Apsley]

We moan if Rex and Jake have a frisson of a tan [Grayman]

Dogs, seafood, xmas slaughter? - this demands a pelican [Yoxi]

With a zen for quite invention in the nooks [Apsley]

And hens with sprockets in their blades pick fir trees by their roots [Hamish]

Our testament of longing hits the bottom of the pan [Apsley]

Frogs see food, there's mass slaughter, they command a billy-can [Hamish]

Courageous in our bunions, we do not curve our rooks [Grayman]

And Ben has dreadlocks and cool shades and dirty biker's boots [Hamish]

The Poet starts to wonder when the Muses left the scene [Apsley]

And who was left there standing where Euterpe should have been [Grayman]

Inspecting the connections to the lyric stratosphere [Apsley]

He then turned to sweet Thalia, and said "Fancy a beer?" [Hamish]

She snorted and disdained to quaff the evil-smelling brew, [Apsley]

The evil-smelling poet shrugged his shoulders and withdrew [Grayman]

Whilst Thalia went off to quaff at the Pierian Spring [Hamish]

How true! A little learning is a dangerous thing [Grayman]

And now that we've set Alexander spinning in his grave [Hamish]

We'd better think what Athens boys are ready to deparve [Apsley]

They may have drunk just enough to intoxicate their brains [Hamish]

Unless they're foxed, their boxes locked, they'll waste their ill-got gains [dkb]

Although the poet's stinky, there's a moral to his tale [Hamish]

Offend not gorgeous nymphs with gifts of evil-smelling ale [dkb]

Or they will tell your secrets to the fishes of the deep [Apsley]

and suddenly everything crumbled to dust [Anon.]

Contributors: Apsley, Yoxi, Hamish, Madge, Grayman, dkb, Anon..
Poem finished: 14th May 2000.