The Spoonbill Generator

Ramsgate Station (1066)

When mice attack a quarter-back [Hamish]

Or gnaw the goalpost through [Roland]

I grab my sword - and snicker-snack! - [Hamish]

Callay becomes Calloo! [Loaf]

I chop those mice, not once or twice [Hamish]

But many times a day [Roland]

For in a trice - when cooked with rice - [Hamish]

Calloo becomes Callay [Roland]

When mice play chess, they push a rook [Apsley]

Into the corner square [Grayman]

Then make a mess when they all cook [Hamish]

Callaloo leaves there [Anon.]

Sad mice abound in East Peru [Apsley]

By Lake Titicaca [Hamish]

While an (expatriate) gnu [dkb]

From Calais goes gaga [Hamish]

When mice score goals in their mouse holes [Madge]

With banners waving gaily [dkb]

They save their little mousy souls [Apsley]

And flaunt their ukelele [Anon.]

Contributors: Hamish, Roland, Loaf, Apsley, Grayman, Anon., dkb, Madge.
Poem finished: 14th May 2000.