The Spoonbill Generator

Surely it behoves us to grant...

In Istanbul [fester]

A mile of wool [Roland]

Is always full [fester]

Of faults [Roland]

To pull [fester]

Abdul [Roland]

Has many bolts of wool [Anon.]

In Cairo dim [Apsley]

An extra limb [fester]

Grows full of vim [Apsley]

To waltz [Roland]

With him [Grayman]

No gym [Yoxi]

Withstands that extra limb [Loaf]

Through Kyzyl's halls [Yoxi]

Roll silver balls [Apsley]

Against the walls [fester]

It galls [Yoxi]

What sprawls [Hamish]

And installs [Apsley]

Paul's software in the malls [Hamish]

Valhalla's doors [Grayman]

Are soiled with spores [Roland]

Which underscores [fester]

The schmaltz [Roland]

That's stored [fester]

In cores [dkb]

By four bored troubadours [fester]

[ ]

Near Beachy Head [Apsley]

I fell quite dead [Grayman]

And having bled [Roland]

Chopped off my head [Apsley]

Contributors: fester, Roland, Anon., Apsley, Grayman, Yoxi, Loaf, Hamish, dkb, .
Poem finished: 11th May 2000.