The Spoonbill Generator

Alone With Another Fool

I'm afraid he is addicted to collaborative verse [mrs fester]

But it could be worse ... [Roland]

He just sits there writing rubbish which he fondly thinks flawless [mrs fester]

Re's really quite jawless! [Apsley]

And there's all his silly friends on-line who also cannot write [mrs fester]

Though some are quite bright [Grayman]

It really is quite tragic... these poor souls are forever damned [mrs fester]

Shouldn't it be banned!? [P]

Of course it should! These sociopaths are adrift from normal life [mrs fester]

When they play no fife! [Apsley]

Contributors: mrs fester, Roland, Apsley, Grayman, P.
Poem finished: 11th May 2000.