The Spoonbill Generator

My Articulate Cucumber Says

Teasing and tempting is naughty Nanette [Hamish]

If you're looking for interest you've found it [Grayman]

She'll give you pleasure you'll never forget [fester]

She'll cause you to break into sumptuous sweat [TG]

With never a hint she'll ever regret [fester]

All the eels that you gave her in sweet vinaigrette [Apsley]

Seductively sexy, sweet Natalie [Hamish]

(She is holding my interest, confound it!) [madge]

In spite of her squint is the girl for me [Hamish]

With whom, once in bed, I nibble my tea; [Apsley]

With never a thought for the Marquis of Dee [TG]

(That odious bore whom I met on the sea) [Apsley]

Darling young Suzy, please be my floozy [fester]

(Ignore imperfections that drowned it) [Apsley]

Though I'm old 'n boozy, please don't be choosy [fester]

But jump right at once in my jacuzzi! [Apsley]

With never a hint of green-eyed jalousie [TG]

While I put on some music that's soulful and bluesy [Grayman]

Adorable Ann, though really a man [fester]

With, to prove it, a browned bit, [Apsley]

Will give you pleasure you can hardly stand [fester]

And serenade you with a brass band [Apsley]

With never a hint it'll cost you a grand [fester]

And two invitations to Peter Pan. [Apsley]

Raunchy and randy is rabid Raquel [TG]

(If you saw her you'd be quite astounded) [fester]

She strips to the sound of a reedy oboe [Apsley]

There isn't a thing that she doesn't show [fester]

To the rook and the raven, hawk and the crow [Apsley]

But these crazy avians just don't want to know! [fester]

Contributors: Hamish, Grayman, fester, TG, Apsley, madge.
Poem finished: 8th May 2000.