The Spoonbill Generator

Endlessly Transitory

When my Doppelganger calls [Roland]

In the deep and sylvan halls [Apsley]

Far beyond the pale ... [Roland]

When my shadow comes to me [fester]

Humming rancid poetry [Apsley]

From beyond the veil ... [fester]

When my Auntie Sylvie shrieks [Apsley]

Higher than Andean peaks [TG]

'Tis the Holy Grail! [Roland]

When my simulacrum cries [fester]

Dust and powder from his eyes [Roland]

Tells a solemn tale [fester]

When my bright reflection dims [Roland]

And quite heavy are my limbs [Apsley]

All of this shall fail ... [Roland]

When the heavens open wide [Apsley]

As the future's swept aside [Roland]

Then shall right prevail? [Apsley]

When the statisticians shout [fester]

Plug each nostril! Block each snout! [Roland]

Go right off the rails! [fester]

When the 7 nations rise [Apsley]

Stop their earholes! Seal their eyes! [Roland]

Pull out all their nails! [fester]

When the planet runs aground [Roland]

Then shall dragons' wyrms abound [fester]

When chaos tips the scales ... [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, fester, TG.
Poem finished: 8th May 2000.