The Spoonbill Generator

My Nightly Righteous Ferment

I think that I shall never see [TG]

A piece of cake too big for me; [Apsley]

Though sometimes in a hazy dream [Roland]

I eat a hunk of clotted cream: [Apsley]

This shows that we aren't what we seem [TG]

I burned my arse with kettle steam [Pongo&perdita the 67th ]

Whilst dreaming of Ann Widdecombe; [fester]

Oh how I'd like to rub whipped cream [madge]

On her, whilst she sprays shaving foam [fester]

Into the parts that make a home [Apsley]

I never scoff at those who roam [TG]

Through bedrooms that are not their own [fester]

In search of toothpaste or of comb [TG]

Old biscuits, fishcakes or a bone - [Hamish]

O, why don't herring raise the tone? [Apsley]

I like to frolic with my cat [Hamish]

And wander idly with my fish [Apsley]

Not wanting to forswear a hat [TG]

Or liking much when in a dish - [Apsley]

Remember sugar makes you fat [fester]

I often sit beside the hearth [Apsley]

When my pet monkey has a bath [Hamish]

In water tepid and obscure [Apsley]

What does this mean? I'm not quite sure [TG]

That wet monkeys have much allure... [fester]

Contributors: TG, Apsley, Roland, Pongo&perdita the 67th, fester, madge, Hamish.
Poem finished: 3rd May 2000.