The Spoonbill Generator

When We Got Bob Plastered...

Now I am old, and in men's eyes I see [fester]

Such flickerings of spineless, surly youth [Roland]

That they both terrify and anger me [fester]

Who for so long have cowered from the truth [Roland]

I've blanked the longing with vermouth and gin [TG]

But such evasions merely bottle up [Roland]

Lost determination to begin [Grayman]

And end one's indecisions in the cup [Roland]

That brings oblivion and lasting sleep [fester]

To those for whom narcosis seems a boon [Roland]

Sweet Morpheus ensures they do not weep [fester]

Nor wake to howl their horrors to the moon. [Roland]

Yes I am old, but do not want to die [fester]

For that is the way of the callow and wan, [Apsley]

Who depart this world when tired of their lives [fester]

Rather than face the challenge anew [Grayman]

And return home to be nagged by their wives [fester]

And shown the polite way to eat a scone [Apsley]

When I was young, such dreams I had of fame [TG]

Before the Old Pretender changed my name [Roland]

Contributors: fester, Roland, TG, Grayman, Apsley.
Poem finished: 1st May 2000.