The Spoonbill Generator

Holding Nigella Lawson's Python

Whenas April with his sweet showers [Apsley]

Comes some time after Mardi Gras [Hamish]

Then birds asong are in their bowers [Apsley]

A-pecking of the lard [Hamish]

And preening oft the feathers long [Apsley]

And a-inging "cuck-oo" all day long [Anon.]

In honour of the Bard [Apsley]

When March comes in like a lioness [TG]

And howls for all to hear [Apsley]

Then lovers must forsake their shyness [TG]

Drowning lust in ginger beer [Rippy]

And grinning like the Cheshire cat [Hamish]

Who, for that, is not as fat [Apsley]

As Mr Blobby, my dear [Hamish]

And February, who can tell [TG]

Its cadence, brings a pleasant chill [Apsley]

To poor, young, shoeless Little Nell [Hamish]

Who lives upon the browless hill; [Apsley]

And dines on frozen grubs and snails [Hamish]

The like of which is told in tales [Apsley]

To fright the young, as such tales will [TG]

In June the weather turns to rain [Apsley]

And brings our spirits low [TG]

Whereas the Pope takes out his train [Apsley]

And waves it to and fro [TG]

In sleet and hail I plant a fir [Apsley]

In memory ot those who were [TG]

Asitting on a gate [Apsley]

I wonder where I lost my hair [Witless wonder]

Perhaps it fell out in Peru [Hamish]

Maybe I'll ask Paddington Bear [madge]

To give me some hot Irish stew [Hamish]

Or pour me a glass of brew [Apsley]

While I sit on the stair [TG]

Knitting new socks for you [Hamish]

Contributors: Apsley, Hamish, Anon., TG, Rippy, Witless wonder, madge.
Poem finished: 27th April 2000.