The Spoonbill Generator

Slithy Again

'Twas brillig and the coach and four [Apsley]

Fell hurtling to the canyon floor [P]

It landed on an Indian brave [Hamish]

A four-feathered fool named Dave [Grayman]

And on his squaw and his papoose [Hamish]

Who was it cut the horses loose? [TG]

A desperado bandersnatch [Grayman]

Could neither eat nor really catch [Apsley]

The gimbling tove upon the grave [Hamish]

Where died the man who was a slave [Apsley]

Silent, the fearsome Jubjub bird [Hamish]

Did lay an egg, its size one-third [Apsley]

Of what the borogoves foresaw [TG]

When they did stretch an anguished paw [Apsley]

Towards the frumious turlingdrome [TG]

Oh, please, mommy, take me home. [Anon.]

And, from this story, wise men learn [Apsley]

To heed the tale of Bannockburn [TG]

That taught the smiths of Aberdeen [Apsley]

To keep their gyres and gimbles clean [TG]

And in this way to right the wrongs [Apsley]

Of those who butcher Carroll's songs [TG]

in case you think i'm beautiful [Horseradish]

Humpty Dumpty said to Alice [Hamish]

Remember that I'm dutiful [Apsley]

And worship Crystal Palace [TG]

Contributors: Apsley, P, Hamish, Grayman, TG, Anon., Horseradish.
Poem finished: 27th April 2000.