The Spoonbill Generator

The Callously-Burnt Marathon

Like this sample of elation [P]

My pelican devours the ocean [Apsley]

In Isles Aleutian [Roland]

Bike this sample of effusion [fester]

From the forests of confusion [Apsley]

To fair St Lucia [fester]

Mike, my cousin in Atlanta, [Apsley]

Tackles troubles at a canter [TG]

With a pink fuchsia [Apsley]

Psychic bids are disregarded [TG]

Did I hear it? What, you farted? [Rippinski]

What a stinker you are! [fester]

Contributors: P, Apsley, Roland, fester, TG, Rippinski.
Poem finished: 17th April 2000.