The Spoonbill Generator

Waves, Water Under

If you were an ape, what kind would you be? [Roland]

Would you walk on the ground, or live in a tree? [P]

Would you walk in the trees or live on the ground? [Roland]

Pray, before answering, look you around! [ripski]

"If I was an ape" ... Before I reply, [E Greejius]

Young man, desist from giving me the eye; [Apsley]

Simian certitudes fail to convince! [E Greejius]

Pray, before judging me, mark how I mince! [TG]

When I were a sailor, I went to the sea [ripinski]

And rose through the ranks of the Queen's Na-vee [fester]

I walked on the deck and I climbed on the spars [Roland]

And prayed before visiting loose girls in bars [fester]

Would that I were what the walrus devours! [Apsley]

Then I could stem the swift passage of flowers [TG]

Climbers and creepers that fail to confirm [Roland]

Prayers, that if answered, would cause me to squirm [fester]

Contributors: Roland, P, ripski, E Greejius, Apsley, TG, ripinski, fester.
Poem finished: 12th April 2000.