The Spoonbill Generator

Whose Other Stomach?

Underneath my Mother Tongue [Roland]

In my larynx or among [P]

Alveoli, moist and pink [Roland]

A parasitic bobolink [Grayman]

Sings in accents yet unsung [Roland]

Within my mouth it's made a nest [P]

But history won't do the rest; [Apsley]

There is a tide in men's affairs [trad]

When fools rush in with old craft fairs [Apsley]

And every host usurps his guest [Roland]

Hiding there behind my teeth [TG]

(Not on top but underneath) [Apsley]

It feasts on verbs and nouns [Roland]

Prepositions and pronouns [Kt]

'by' and 'he' (not 'Keith') [Roland]

It is the very acme of lyric [Apsley]

(Euphonic, not Skeltonic) [fester]

Underneath young Father Time [Roland]

Grows a piece of rotting lime [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, P, Grayman, Apsley, trad, TG, Kt, fester.
Poem finished: 3rd April 2000.