The Spoonbill Generator

Doglike Doings

I remember Folkestone in December [fester]

Glimpsed from my balloon above the clouds [Roland]

Floating in such bright and sunny weather [Anon.]

Mummified in winding-sheets and shrouds [Roland]

The town grew larger as we descended [Anon.]

Where elderly townsfolk gathered in crowds [madge]

Not knowing death would come out of the clouds... [fester]

I remember, dimly, how it ended [Roland]

And those poor pensioners we sadly crushed [fester]

When the airborne morgue, abruptly punctured [Roland]

My membranous tentacles, wholly mushed [Apsley]

The howl grew louder as we cascaded [Roland]

And against all laws offended [Apsley]

Not knowing life would so swiftly be faded [Roland]

I remember Calais in the cellar [Apsley]

Glimpsed when I went swimming in the well [Roland]

Afloat on the dreams of a seller [Apsley]

And drowning in the waterworks of Hell [Roland]

Like as many dead catfish, upended [Apsley]

Filleted, canned - sold off pell-mell; [E Greejius]

Not knowing anything could be so splendid! [Roland]

I remember, strangely, that I lingered [E Greejius]

Like a haddock with a limp [Apsley]

Some halibut of yore, long since unfingered [Roland]

By the hand of Colonel Blimp: [Apsley]

The cod grew moister, marinaded [Roland]

By the geese, who preen and primp [Apsley]

By stark usurping swans unserenaded. [E Greejius]

Contributors: fester, Roland, Anon., madge, Apsley, E Greejius.
Poem finished: 29th March 2000.