The Spoonbill Generator

Mask of the Herald

Her sharp mouth, again, [P]

The razor, her brain [Roland]

My swift pen, like steel [The Agent Apsley]

Cuts, writes, cuts [P]

Their effigy, green, [The Agent Apsley]

Darker than the forest [P]

Remote as the dawn [Grayman]

Hard as nuts [Roland]

Words strip my skin [P]

My peril, her gin [The Agent Apsley]

The flaying, I feel, [KT]

Stings, it stings [Grayman]

Unutterably deep [The Agent Apsley]

Stronger than poison [KT]

Or a daughter's hatred [P]

Razor'd wings [TG]

Lies are what haunt, even [The Agent Apsley]

Angels' eleven [TG]

Kinds of string [The Agent Apsley]

Knots, always knots [TG]

Akin to the eels [The Agent Apsley]

Tighter than the coils [KT]

Of love's dangerous [P]

Blood-like clots [The Agent Apsley]

Feelings of hopelessness [TG]

Devour the elk [The Agent Apsley]

Standing aloof [TG]

Turns, looks, turns [P]

But not in anger [The Agent Apsley]

Stronger than the forest [P]

Closer than night [fester]

At black sun-down [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: P, Roland, The Agent Apsley, Grayman, KT, TG, fester.
Poem finished: 17th March 2000.