The Spoonbill Generator

Stolen: Orville, My Disgusting Donkey

Quandary, a quandary, [Roland]

I don't know what to do. [KT]

Beyond the silver boundary [Roland]

Inside the summer zoo [TG]

I asked the silver penguin [The Agent Apsley]

I quizzed the piglets bland [Roland]

I even asked the crocodile, but he bit off my hand. [P]

Emma, a dilemma [Roland]

She ate my pot of glue [The Agent Apsley]

It cured her nascent stammer [TG]

Behind the autumn zoo [Roland]

She praised the helpful penguin [P]

Gave kudos to the bears [Roland]

And helped the water bison to sell his stocks and shares. [KT]

Puzzle, o great puzzle [The Agent Apsley]

That all men should eschew [Roland]

And start at once to nuzzle [The Agent Apsley]

These persons of the zoo [Roland]

The bandicoots go cazy [Grayman]

The penguins ooze with joy [Roland]

Just like a greasy boy. [The Agent Apsley]

Never, I say, never [TG]

Give less than quite a few [Roland]

Small tributes to the river [TG]

That flushes through this zoo [Roland]

It washes every penguin [TG]

With custard cold and quite [The Agent Apsley]

Assuages every pelican with angels of delight [Roland]

Sausage, holy sausage, [The Agent Apsley]

The sacred three-in-two [Roland]

Are never quite on-message [TG]

While passing by the zoo [Roland]

Quoth the solitary penguin [Anon.]

His crest with flames a-glow [Roland]

And whatever he meant by it I'm sure I do not know [fester]

Paradox, a paradox [Roland]

Of nothing, much ado [fester]

To irrigate each arid ox [Roland]

When Spring is in the zoo [fester]

Though penguins rot to powder [Roland]

As the paparazzo preens [fester]

I fear that there is no-one here to fathom what it means [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, KT, TG, The Agent Apsley, P, Grayman, Anon., fester.
Poem finished: 15th March 2000.