The Spoonbill Generator

Because Foam Canisters Iridesce

She cries, that's all she ever does [TG]

When shackled in the shed [Roland]

I cannot understand the girl [TG]

Unless her eyes are red [Roland]

She clutches at her handkerchief [KT]

She snuffles in her sleeve [TG]

She rattles with the gramphone in a way you'd disbelieve! [The Agent Apsley]

Now those who find me somewhat curt [Roland]

Should hasten still to swear and curse [The Agent Apsley]

My rubber nurse! [Loaf]

He loafs about, that's all he does [TG]

While others choose to sleep [Roland]

I cannot understand the boy [fester]

Unless he makes me weep [Roland]

He bites down on the hand that feeds [fester]

And blinds the gloating eye [Roland]

And murders our tranquility with CDs played too high [fester]

Now those whom I set out to hurt [Roland]

Should hasten to do far, far worse [fester]

My rubber nurse! [trad]

Contributors: TG, Roland, KT, The Agent Apsley, Loaf, fester, trad.
Poem finished: 15th March 2000.