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Neptune's Missing Noonday Umbrellas Of Blossom

The photo showed the final phase [Surlaw]

It knocked me senseless in a daze [Apsley]

& made me burst my stays [Surlaw]

Its scene depicted mortal strife [Apsley]

Such as once appalled my wife [Apsley]

And dulled her keenest knife [Surlaw]

And in the distance, far from clear [Shipp]

A pygmy poleaxed with his spear [Surlaw]

Stopped a moment for a tear [Apsley]

Such are lenses! [Surlaw]

How dirt cleanses! [Apsley]

The video showed the full extent [Shipp]

Of the latent element [Apsley]

In whatever it all meant [Shipp]

Such is praxis! [Apsley]

How cash taxes! [Surlaw]

The lion stops its mouth with meat [Apsley]

The kangaroo devours its feet [Surlaw]

The dithyramb is mighty neat! [Apsley]

Such is parting [Surlaw]

Swift and darting [Apsley]

The spondee has a headache dim [Apsley]

Which, not unknown to Lucky Jim [Surlaw]

(The parrot full of zest and vim) [Apsley]

Sucks its lolly [Surlaw]

With the dolly [Apsley]

And thus we see the Missing Link [Surlaw]

Which men of old have coloured pink [Apsley]

And swathed about with robes of zinc [Surlaw]

Such is metal [Shipp]

Ice-cold petal [Apsley]


Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley, Shipp, Anon..
Poem finished: 9th March 2000.