The Spoonbill Generator

The Yellow Singing Turncoats

Inflamed by passion and a touch of flu [KT]

I went to Moscow for a moo [The Agent Apsley]

The laws, back then, had not been changed [Roland]

The vice squad could be squared [TG]

But that was then. Guy Burgess had it made; [E Greejius]

A samovar and girls who stayed [TG]

And best of all a secret kept [P]

Though many more were shared [Grayman]

The Circus, though George Smiley is long gone, [E Greejius]

Takes orders now from men in Bonn, [KT]

And though there's nothing left to hide [TG]

At least not all was bared [P]

The KGB were pals of mine [The Agent Apsley]

We shared our cigarettes and wine [TG]

We went to live in Istanbul [The Agent Apsley]

Where everybody stared [P]

But perestroika queered my pinko pitch; [E Greejius]

The wall came down and so did I [Grayman]

A charlie with no checkpoint? Still ... [E Greejius]

Little is the risk with nothing dared. [The Agent Apsley]

So now what? Disregarding my turned coat, [E Greejius]

My feet of lead and head of oak, [The Agent Apsley]

But marking well my heart of gold, [E Greejius]

No wonder no-one cared [TG]

Contributors: KT, The Agent Apsley, Roland, TG, E Greejius, P, Grayman.
Poem finished: 19th February 2000.