The Spoonbill Generator

My Hamster, Utterly Exhausted By Trepanning

I sing of beauty and a boy's endeavour [TG]

Not to seem as foolish as the rest [P]

Who, though by some accounted rather clever [Roland]

Always had a problem getting dressed [Grayman]

Post-Wolfenden, what victories? So few! [E Greejius]

We count them on the fingers of one fish [KT]

Which, battered by the hurricanes anew [TG]

Abandons hope with one last scaly swish [P]

And catalogues his failures, row on row [Roland]

Descending in a lather of old foam, [The Agent Apsley]

To realms of gloom where gutta-percha grow [Roland]

Quite tired of carping on about the Dome [TG]

So sing of beauty, and Buckminster Fuller [Roland]

cf. Poet (a carpet trapped in a mineshaft); [Ian Stonehouse]

Defying those who, like the brave Abdullah [Roland]

Of old, committed crimes that were best kept abaft. [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: TG, P, Roland, Grayman, E Greejius, KT, The Agent Apsley, Ian Stonehouse.
Poem finished: 16th February 2000.