The Spoonbill Generator


This flower that we planted long ago [Roland]

- Deemed now, in idle chat, a noxious weed - [E Greejius]

Has suffered in the hailstorms and the snow [P]

And few will claim that it could run to seed [Roland]

Is there no gard'ner who will tend this bloom? [P]

And from the frost its buds protect with care? [Apsley]

To salvage them, to insulate from doom [Roland]

And in this way to beard dear Nature's lair. [Apsley]

If it could only live into the spring [KT]

When, bursting forth to show the stars the way [TG]

It might outshine each other living thing [Roland]

And e'en at night provide a brighter day [P]

Alas! When compost calls, who dares remain? [Roland]

The scent of springtime or the silken rain? [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, E Greejius, P, Apsley, KT, TG.
Poem finished: 15th February 2000.