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Binyon County: The Defective Kite

Who remembers me, Lieutenant Aubergine? [Roland]

Fifth Division, Eighth Army Corps [The Agent Apsley]

Does anyone recall the days of glory? [TG]

Long before the treaty, long before [Roland]

Someone may recall the medals I amassed [Grayman]

For bravery beyond the call of sense [P]

I never sought for kudos, just for service [TG]

Of a kind that is itself a recompense [The Agent Apsley]

And though I lost a limb or two, I really can't complain [P]

That no one ever called me Algernon [KT]

For that was but a nickname of a kind [The Agent Apsley]

We used to use in Ypres, now long gone [TG]

Who looks upon my scars with scorn? [The Agent Apsley]

A story I could tell you for each one [TG]

But casting pearls before pacifist swine [E Greejius]

Is surely not the reason I was born [P]

Who remembers them, the silk-clad paratroops? [TG]

We sing "They shall not grow old"? That's a joke! [E Greejius]

As we grow weary and our hair turns white [KT]

All held in thrall to pacifism's yoke [TG]

Contributors: Roland, The Agent Apsley, TG, Grayman, P, KT, E Greejius.
Poem finished: 15th February 2000.