The Spoonbill Generator

Big Man Devours Helicopter's Emptiness

I made a little omelette with a single serpent's egg [Roland]

I spiced it with a little pinch of time [TG]

But when I came to serve it, all the diners had to beg [Roland]

For I was in a tango with a lime [The Agent Apsley]

You made a little basket with a single length of twine [KT]

You hung it from the lamp-post by the bed [TG]

But when it came to night-time, and you gave the secret sign [Roland]

The cord snapped and it fell down on your head [Grayman]

He made a little promise with a simple cross-my-heart [P]

He broke it with the twinkling of an eye [TG]

As if it were a nothing that man from moose could part [The Agent Apsley]

And leave beneath the cold Alaskan sky [Grayman]

We made a little progress with the single-decker bus [P]

We took it to the terminus at Crewe [KT]

We scuppered it and squandered it and filled it up with pus [The Agent Apsley]

And left astride a rabid kangaroo [Roland]

You made a little princess with a single night of love [P]

Despite the best precautions that you knew [Roland]

But when she gained majority, and push then came to shove [TG]

The promises she made you proved untrue. [KT]

Contributors: Roland, TG, The Agent Apsley, KT, Grayman, P.
Poem finished: 12th February 2000.