The Spoonbill Generator

Bottomless Yachting

A plethora of penguins is rarely to be found [The Agent Apsley]

And certainly but seldom more than two feet from the ground [Mrs TG]

Yet in the month of April, when fire is in the sky [Roland]

And sometimes in the depths of polar winter in July [TG]

And once or twice when marmalade is spread across the snow [Roland]

It seems that all the penguins in the world are gathered on the floe. [P]

Thrice, thrice woe! [Roland]

A googolplex of gremlins is something to behold [TG]

All huddled in a corner as they cower from the cold [Roland]

Yet in the kitchen garden, when plums and pears are ripe [TG]

And full of lustrous colours that one does not see in tripe, [The Agent Apsley]

One senses they are ill at ease, whatever time of year [Roland]

From lack of sleep, or oxygen, or simply too much beer [P]

Quite, hear hear! [Roland]

A multitude of muskrats is very hard to hide [TG]

And those who do attempt this task are often vilified [P]

Yet in my father's haversack, one Thursday, more or less [Roland]

It all comes back so clearly, though my memory's a mess, [TG]

I think I had some twenty-nine, all cunningly concealed [Roland]

In custard that was past its best and almost quite congealed, [The Agent Apsley]

Oh no, gross! [Grayman]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, Mrs TG, Roland, TG, P, Grayman.
Poem finished: 8th February 2000.